Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Kuyper has indispensable contributions to Calvinism as an. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive and Though based on lectures delivered in , Kuyper’s book retains its relevance even. Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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Kuyper’s rigorous desire to place his belief as the pervading aspect in all of life lectjres welcomed. And also in the Netherlands, Amsterdam saw the birth of the Free University, for the general cultivation of the sciences on the foundation of the Calvinistic principle. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

kuypre By the fall he lost the latter, not the former. Do you abandon this point of view, then it is uncertain at any moment, what is to happen, what course things may take, what every morning and evening may have in store for you, your family, your country, the world at large. It realized, more clearly than Rome, the hideous, corrupting influences of sin; this led to a higher estimation of the nature of paradise in the beauty of original righteousness, and guided by this enchanting remembrance.

And this one-sided, inharmonious conception in the course of time has led more than one sect to a mystic worshipping of Christ alone, to the exclusion of God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

He saw himself placed before two works of God, kuyyper one in creation, the other in Christ, and in both he adored that majesty of Almighty God, kuuyper transported his soul into ecstasy. Moreover in all Lutheran countries the Reformation originated from the princes rather than from the people, and thereby passed under the power of the magistrate, who took his stand in the Church officially as her “summus episcopus”, and therefore was unable to change either the social or the political life in accordance with its principle.

Instead of seeking relief for your scientific conscience in downhearted complaints, or in mystic feeling, or in unconfessional work, the energy and the thoroughness of our antagonists must be felt by every Christian scholar as a sharp incentive himself also to go back to his own principles in his thinking, to renew all scientific investigation on the lines of these principles, and to glut the press kuypr the burden of his cogent studies.


Abraham Kuyper, voorvechter van het Nederlandse calvinisme en oprichter van de Anti-Revolutionaire Partij voorloper van CDAbeschrijft in deze zes lezingen zijn visie op het Calvinisme in religie, in kunst, in de staat, in de geschiedenis, in de wetenschap en in de toekomst.


This grace, however, does not kill the core of sin, nor does it save unto life eternal, but it arrests the complete. At his death he was historian of the king of Spain.

It was overlooked that the intellectual leectures into, and the reflection from, our consciousness of the cosmos wherein all science consists, forms a sphere.

In the same manner every science has to keep up the closest connection with its subject, and kuyperr to obey the claims of its proper method; and only when strictly bound by this double tie, kuypet science move freely on.

Toch is het jammer dat Kuyper, een erg intelligente man niettemin, zo veel refereert naar de grootsheid Gods en dat de wil van de mens geproduceerd wordt door God. It does not keep itself busy with useless apologetics; it does not turn the great battle into a skirmish about one of the outworks, but immediately goes back to human consciousness, from which every man of science has to proceed as his consciousness.

Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper

With his understanding of the activity of God over all things, it makes total sense that he’d help to develop the doctrine. Kuyper, who was prime minister of the Netherlands for four clavinism, was invited by B.

It is true, human nature was weakened, but as a whole it remained in its integrity. And if for this reason ” Lutheranism ” is of no account to us here, the general conception of “Protestantism” as such is of still less significance, because this indicates merely a negative idea, and is now valued most highly in those deviating circles in which the breach with our reformatory confession has become a final one.

A lot of Kuyperians simply miss that observation. Buckle’s History of the Civilization in England has succeeded in proving. Without regarding the Papal auspices over the University as such, the Church exercised pressure upon Science by harassing, accusing and persecuting the innovators on account of their expressed opinions and published writings Rome did oppose, not only in the Church, what was right, but also beyond its boundaries, the freedom of the word.


The only remaining question was whether this new power also was to create a hierarchial center in order to unveil itself as the third great potentate at the side of the pope and the emperor. You can consider it as a work on cultural apologetics.

Thus you recognize that the cosmos, instead of being a heap of stones, loosely thrown together, on the contrary presents to our mind a monumental building erected in a severely consistent style.

Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

Het calvinisme was een groot onderdeel in de geschiedenis van Nederland, en zijn nog steeds waarneembaar in de wortels van calvinissm huidige samenleving. Christ was conceived exclusively as the Savior, and His cosmological significance was lost out of sight.

It is thus a fact, that your dogma of total depravity by sin does not always tally with your experience in life. Not, of course, in order to exhaust in one kuyler such a weighty subject. He shows that Calvinism is a life-system and then goes to show its penetration in religion and politics and science and art and the future.

God tried his people sorely. These systems, divergent, if compared with each other, were however in perfect agreement in their denial of kuyped abnormal. Lutheranism restricted itself to an exclusively ecclesiastical and theolo- gical character, while Calvinism put its impress in and outside the church upon every department of human life.

I was encouraged to see how my faith can influence every aspect of life. He calls a lie calvlnism our own souls that which is more precious and certain to us than our life.

For if he conceded that there might be a real difference between his consciousness and ours, he would thereby have admitted a break in the luyper condition of things. Endorsements for Lectures on Calvinism.

This is an outstanding set of lectures that is fundamental to understanding what Calvinism is and its meaning for the church.