Sri VidyaTemple Society Kalasa Puja:An Introduction Table of Contents Page KURCHAM COCONUT FLOWER MANGO LEAVES. This Pin was discovered by Sreedevi Balaji. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Kalasa Puja. Public. · Hosted by Narayani Amma Peedam Foundation – Toronto. Interested. clock. Friday, March 6, at PM EST. More than a year ago.

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Prepare Akshadha by mixing 1 kg rice with some haldi and very little water and a few drops of ghee. The coronet of 5, 7, or 11 mango leaves is placed such that the tips of the leaves touch water in the Kalasha. Hindu traditional Kalasa with coconut and mango popja royalty free stock images.

Meditate for about 15 minutes requesting Lord Ganesha to fulfil all your wishes. During the malasa of performing Kalasha Pooja, one bonds with the Divine Living Presence at one’s residence and receives Divine Grace everyday. The Kalasha is often seen in Hindu iconography as an attribute, in the hands of Hindu deities like the creator god Brahmathe destroyer god Shiva as a teacher, and the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi.

Create and organize Collections on the go with your Apple or Android device. Significance of Kalash puja The water in the Kalash represents life and the creation of this universe.

Kalasha puja stock photos

It is used for religious and social ceremonies. The Kalasha is part of ploja official state emblem of Andhra Pradesh state in India. The Shira is kept facing the sky. See kalasha puja stock video clips. In this form, the Purna-Kalasha symbolizes the Goddess as the manifestation of mother earth with her water, minerals, and vegetation. It can be easily performed at home with devotion for fulfillment of desires or solving day to day problems like attaining good health, creation of wealth, education, marriage, begetting children, court cases, success in various endeavours etc.


Traditional Festival Background Vector illustration. In contexts of chakras, the Shira literally “head” kwlasa top of the coconut symbolizes Sahasrara chakra poojja the Moola literally “base” – base of Kalasha – the Muladhara chakra. Samhita Brahmana Aranyaka Upanishad.

The wide base of metal pot represents the element Prithvi Earththe expanded centre – Ap waterneck of pot – Agni firethe opening of the mouth – Vayu airand the coconut pooha mango leaves – Akasha aether. The Kalasha is believed to contain kalassathe elixir of life, and thus is viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom, and immortality.

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Kalasha – Wikipedia

Keep a small stool or a Chorang and cover it with white cloth. During any specific puja — Wash the pot with water and clean it with any new cloth. The mango leaves associated with Kamathe god of love, symbolize the pleasure aspect of kalsaa. Save to Collection Create your free account to use Collections Save and organize all the images kalaa need for your projects with Collections.

It depicts various forms of Goddesses in most pujas. The mango leaves also represent klaasa creation and the thread used in it represents love and peace holding people together.

Kalash is a pot to carry water and is of great significance in Hinduism, especially in South India. The Purna-Kalasha is considered a symbol of abundance and “source of life” in the Vedas. Create a Free Account. Indian Traditional Sisters performing worship, Indian Festival, copper kalash with coconut and mango leaf with floral decoration, essential in hindu puja. It is referred to as “overflowing full vase” purno-asya Kalasha in the Vedas.

PublishedIndus Publishing. Other intrepretations of the Purna-Kalasha associate with kalssa five elements or the chakras.

How to prepare Kalash for puja?

After the sankalpa is over chant the moolamantra for times and every time you kaalsa put poojja akshadha on the kalash. Known Things, Unknown Secrets by R. Fill the Kalash with gangajal or pure water. At the end of the 21 st day the kalash can be removed.


Clean the pot with clean cloth and if possible, get a new cloth for this purpose. Now put the garland on the kalash as well as Lord’s Picture. Retrieved from ” https: Silver or brass Kalash is normally used for many pujas.

Kalasa Pooja | KALASA / KUMBAM | Pinterest | Sanskrit, Gold and Metal

Sign In We’re Sorry! Water gives us life and is the source of all forms. Besides fulfilling our desires and solving our problems, the Kalash Pooja leads us to a happy way of living in the busy and materialistic world. You can also attach Lord Ganesha to the pot to intensify its auspiciousness or klasa can also go for swastika or riddhi siddhi in place of Lord Ganesha.

A kalashaalso spelled kalash or aklasa Sanskrit: Decorate the Kalash with kumkum dots and turmeric. For the kalash, take the coconut and apply some turmeric and water spreading the turmeric completely on the coconut. During the sankalpa pray for the fulfillment of any one wish which will remain constant throughout the kalasha pooja.

Happy Dhanteras Illustration Background. They first appear in stone in the Kushan Empire period AD. Sometimes, a silver or brass face of the Goddess is attached over the coconut of the Purna-Kalasha.

The Purna-Kalasha is believed to be a symbol of auspiciousness embodying either Ganesharemover of obstacles, or his mother Gaurithe goddess of household bounty or Lakshmi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.