Natural Stance Jeet Kune Do Combat Stance Displacement/Shuffle footwork Lateral footwork Gung Fu Coordination Drill Cross Punching Drill (using focus. The Rebel Wing Chun Focus Mitt Drills video has got you covered. From my advanced Rebel Wing Chun self-defense methodology, I created this video for those.

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Patrick Strong, who trained with Bruce Lee for three years in Seattle and three more years later on, stays in good shape and is extremely knowledgeable in Jeet Kune Do. If you have previous training and ranking in JKD then please send us scans of your certificates. Drklls can also upload to the server link we send you, or you can upload to youtube where we can view and grade them. No one can take that away! This book covers all aspects of journey, from his martial arts workouts, his complimentary weight training, research, and his philosophy.

If yes, who beat him? Mobility, perhaps more than anything else, is highly stressed in any Jeet Drillls Do training program!

There are several more, but these are the most well drillls. Serious inquiries only, please! A program combining all of the above is even better! Why did Bruce Lee Charge so much for his lessons Because he could. Now we will talk about things that you should see in a Jeet Kune Do class.

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

Don chi sao, or single arm sticking, develops the fighter’s sensitivity to straight line motion. After his death his students didn’t know which way to turn. I agree drillz with Diego, JKD is more than fighting without boundaries, styles and systems. This is the primary range where simple and compound trapping movements occur. What did Bruce Lee do that infuriated the Chinese, and caused death threats to Lee?

This is really a deadly range, due to kkd serious nature of the tools that can be applied at rdills range! More like this in the Fitness section. Extensive use of the horizontal fist for striking Jeet Kune Do punching uses the vertical fist structure for greater efficiency and better centerline protection while striking.


The point that I am making here is that each of the original JKD students has something unique and crills to offer. Jeet Kune Do, like mixed martial arts, requires function training, including bodyweight circuit training, functional strength training compound exercises, power-lifting techniqueskicking drills, punching and boxing drills, bag work, ground work, running, sprinting, endurance training, and flexibility training.

My goal has always been to drolls my puzzle as complete as possible so that I could share my knowledge with others and help to perpetuate Jeet Kune Do! The fighting concepts of Wing Chun are followed, i. They have simply chosen different paths, and neither one of them should be chastised for their decision! To work on technique, form and speed of combining combinations.

Something else that can be used for this, and very inexpensive, are those plastic sheet protectors that can be purchased most anywhere that office supplies are sold. Don’t worry about whether the technique looked srills or not! Every Jeet Kune Do practitioner should also jks occasional sparring with protective equipment. Flexibility can be accomplished by implementing a serious stretching routine consisting of at least two fifteen-minute sessions per day.

The reason for this being of course that as he became a more prominent TV and movie star, he got more exposure for himself and his martial art of Jeet Kune Do.

Kicks, punches, trapping and grappling movements can all be applied from medium range. There are jd organizations in existence right now that are run by downright frauds! In other words, do damage! In this case, your attack is your defense!

Wide, looping or energy-wasting attack and defense movements Jeet Kune Do movements are simple, direct and non-classical. A good defensive movement has several definite characteristics. Thank you for your wanting to be a part of our list, you can get listed by clicking on the listing order button on the instructor listing page. In the course of his development, Bruce Lee realized that there are essentially only five ways that you can attack an opponent.


Before I get too carried away discussing what Jeet Kune Do is, allow me to describe to you what it is not! Jeet Kune Do practitioners use several unique pieces of equipment for this purpose.

Lee referred to high kicks to the head like punching a man in the foot. Then you will find yourself, as the old saying goes, “in the wrong place at the wrong time! Our guess is that he would have added more weapons. Much of the politics and confusion as to what Jeet Kune Do really is and who is or isn’t authorized to teach stems from immaturity, jealousy and the quest for the almighty dollar! Higher level Jeet Kune Do practitioners can stick, trap and strike with blinding speed and incredible accuracy while blindfolded due to this highly specialized area of training!

Although attack is the primary goal of the Jeet Kune Do fighter, sound defensive skill is also of great necessity. They are long range, medium range and close range.

Three Parts of Jeet Kune Do Efficiency — An attack that reaches its mark without detour Directness — Straight to the point Simplicity — Thinking in an uncomplicated manner, flowing like water.

Driols like everything except for your line regarding learning JKD today. It is intended to educate the martial artist as to what to look for when searching for a Jeet Kune Do instructor. After all, when a dfills is built, does the construction crew start with the roof or the foundation!

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

Some of them even have elaborate websites. What is the definition of Jeet Kune Do? So, it is clear then, that Kkd Kune Do is simply everything, and at the same time nothing.

A good fighter will use linear, lateral, angular and circular footwork patterns. Shadow boxing is training punches without hitting anything.