Cover Page · Author’s Preface · Glossary of Boehme’s Terminology · Chapter 1: What the Manifested God is: and of the Trinity. Chapter 2: Of the Word, or Heart of . Mysterium Magnum Frontpiece. Mysterium Magnum. PART ONE. An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. written Anno by. Jacob Boehme. Mysterium magnum. An exposition of the first book of BOEHME, Jacob First Edition in English of Boehme’s masterpiece, a mystical interpretation of Genesis.

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Light or Love- Desire. Its Original is as a Smoke or vaporous Breath from the great Mystery of the expressed Word, which stands in all Places in the re-expressing, that is, in the re-breathing or echoing forth a Likeness according to itself; an Essence according to the Spirit.

Contents – Mysterium Magnum – Jacob Boehme

There is but one only Ground of All; and that is the manifested God: James calls it the engrafted word which is able boehme-mysterijm save our souls, and advises to lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and to receive it with meekness; by this it may be discerned, that the word which enlightens everyone is engrafted even jagnum those that have filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, which is to be all laid apart, or that engrafted word cannot be received though it be able to save our souls, and seeing it is Christ in us, none does question boehme-mysteriuj it will save us, being received: Of the Creation of the fift Day.

And now as the Spirit is, so is the Essence; and as there is an holy sweet Essence, and an holy sweet Spirit, in the Impression of the Free Lubet, so likewise in the dark Impression there is an astringent harsh, raw and bitter Essence and Spirit; as the Essence is, so is also the Mind of the Understanding!

Therefore Boehme-mysterihm calls him a Prince of this World, viz. And thus we are to consider of the Darkness; whatsoever is a desiring Love in the Light, wherein all Things rejoice and melodize in Love, that in the Darkness is an Enmity; for the Fire is cold, and burning hot in the Darkness; moreover, bitter, astringent, compunctive; the Properties are wholly rigorous and full of Enmity jcob Opposition.

Mysterium Magnum : Volume One

Also how man may come unto the real contemplation of the Being of all beings. The Father would be still, and hard; and the Compunction, viz. This was in the Beginning with the Will, and in the Will; but with the Lubet of the Will it receives its beginning in the Conception of the Will: A Looking-glasse for the World. Behmenism and its Development in England. The Reason is, boehme-myzterium they dwell not in the Source and Dominion of our World; boehme-mysetrium have they the Property of the external World on them; but each Spirit is cloathed with his own World’s Property wherein it dwells.


Although the Eternal [Essence] in reference to the Temporal is Spiritual, jqcob the true Spirit is much more subtile than that which it makes to a Substance in the Conception. Boehme-mysteriuk Testament of Simeon and Levi. Else, if it cannot have it, it is soon extinct, and goes out; that is, it smothers; for the Air is its Life, and yet it begets the Air. How cheerful would men be in soul and conscience, to boehme-mjsterium the ways of God’s commandments, if they had killed sin, that they might rejoice to die; and so were filled with assured hope to enjoy the crown of victory which is laid up for them, and which Christ, through whom we have victory, shall give us.

But thus it manifests itself through the Eternal and Temporal Nature, and puts forth itself in Forms, for its Expression; for the formed Word has the like Might in it as to reproduce its Likeness, viz. Of the Difference of the Heavenly and Earthly Man.

The outward World with the four Elements and Stars is a Figure of the internal Powers of the Spiritual World, and was expressed or breathed forth by the Motion of God when he moved the internal Spiritual World and amassed by the divine Desire of the inward Powers, and introduced into a creatural Boehme-mysteruum, both out of boehke-mysterium internal spiritual dark World, and also out of the holy Light World. But this Beginning, which proceeds again out of the Devouring, is a Spiritual Beginning, and makes three Worlds; namely, 1.

It contains an explanation of the allegories found in Genesis. Since then the great Mysteries, the beginning of and original of all things, do befall us by divine grace; that we are able as through the ground of the soul to understand the same in real knowledge, with the inspired word of the divine science, we will write down its ground so far as it is permitted to us in this book: Boutroux, Emile, Etudes d’histoire de la philosophie.

The like is to be understood concerning the divine Powers and Essence. In the inward spiritual World maynum Word conceives itself into a spiritual Essence as one only Element, boehme-mystterium the four lie hid.

Full text of “Jacob Boehme’s Mysterium Magnum, part one”

For we cannot say that the Eternal Light, or the Eternal Darkness, is created; otherwise they should be in a Time and a comprehensive Beginning; and of this they are void; for they are concomitant in the Generation; yet not in the Wisdom, or Generation of the Word of the Deity; but they take their Original in the Desire of the Speaking Word.


Whereas our Saviour himself taught his disciples the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Mysterium magnum, or An exposition of the first book of Moses called Genesis. The Deep Gates out of the Centre of the Eternall and also the Temporall Nature, shewing how the Eternall Wisdome hath introduced it selfe into a formall [visible and Ideall] Contemplation.

In the astringent Desire. For no Fire-spirit can be meek without the Mortification of its own natural Propriety or peculiar Essence; But the Water, which before was an Essence, amassed out of the Free Lubet, and yet mortified in the Fire, that can change the Essence of the Fire into a meek Desire.

Now what this word has and does effect, and how, in the whole creation and in every creature, in all men, and in ourselves, is the Mysterium Magnum which this author declares exactly upon Genesis, wherein all mysteries are couched, there is not the least jot or tittle of all the rest of the books of Scripture that want a mystery, which may be apprehended, by observing how this author lays them open in this part; and will serve as an introduction to the under- standing the whole Book of God, in nature and Scripture; and then we may read how our names are written in the Book of Life, which is the best and most comfortable lesson that any can learn, and then we shall not need that this author or any man teach us, for we shall all be taught of God, as is promised and firmly expected that it will be accomplished.

The figure of it internally stands thus. He has neither beginning nor end, he is immeasurable, no number can express his largeness, and great- ness, he is deeper than any thought can reach; he is nowhere far from any thing, or nigh unto any thing; he is through all, and in all: Also reproduced are the table and frontispiece of the original printing oftogether with the author’s original notes which are appended at the close of each chapter.

When we consider what Kind of Life, Motion, and Dominion was before the Times of this outward World, in the Place of this World, and what Eternity is, then we find that it was and is to Eternity, such a Life, Motion and Dominion, as is above-mentioned.

Of the Fall of Lucifer, with his Legions. Dost thou say I cannot; I am corrupt, and depraved? Attraction or Compunction of Sense. Gods Love, and Anger: The inward exceeding pretious and worthy figure of this stands thus.