Documentation Index. ICEfaces Logo. Release Notes. ICEfaces Release Notes. Getting Started Guide. ICEfaces Getting Started Guide (Pdf). ICEfaces Documentation. Added by Deryk Sinotte, last edited by Ken Fyten on Feb Building and Running ICEfaces with Ant ยท Key Concepts. Click here to see the current ICEfaces release documentation (3.x). The ICEfaces Component Suite includes enhanced implementations of the JSF standard.

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Typically this is enabled when you want to use multiple windows of a single browser instance to concurrently view an ICEfaces application. Printed by Atlassian Confluence 2. It is possible to deploy individual ICEfaces portlets in separate web archives. User data and series-specific configuration is input via ChartSeries subclasses and passed as the ‘value’ property of the Chart component. If you don’t need server-initiated rendering, then you should set this parameter to true by adding the following to your web.

TagLib Documentation This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. Add a point of data to the graph to be created.

For single y-axis charts, define a single entry array. Enable the reordering of nodes by click-dragging the nodes. By setting these parameters, you ensure that a full-page refresh is done when the portlet is added to the portal page which, in turn, ensures that the ICEfaces JavaScript bridge is initialized correctly. In the following example, boldface text is used only to call attention to the relevant settings in the code example.


The configuration parameter that controls this is com. JSF-based solutions can hook into the implementation in incompatible ways. Table of Contents Loading Once the portal page has been loaded, the bridge’s window. It is important to use the.

ACE Components – ICEfaces – Community Wiki

Development and Deployment Considerations. These stylesheets icefaecs designed with web applications in mind. Request-scoped beans are scoped to the requests for the individual portlet. For an example of how to do this, review the sample ICEfaces Chat portlet.

However, the component’s internal methods and variables can be accessed in this way, including the underlying jQuery object and objects from underlying Javascript libraries if applicableand can be used for whatever purpose a developer might have in mind.

API Documentation – ICEfaces – Community Wiki

There are currently several different bridges to choose from as well as a group working to standardize an interface for JSF portlet bridges to follow JSR Refer to Deployment Configurationsfor more information on the various options. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 2. This way multiple series of different types can be plotted on the same Chart. First, you’ll have to define a CSS rule specific enough to override the tree icon styling.

Configuring your portlet is half documfntation battle but, as a developer, you’ll likely want to access the Portlet API to do a few icefacees. But because ICEfaces does this without going through the portal container, the portal container does not know the mode has changed and since documebtation portlet developer cannot access the ActionResponse API, there is no way to let it know.

In a normal web application, setting this to true indicates that ICEfaces should support multiple views for a single web application and tells the ICEfaces framework to treat each view separately. When the user of the portlet interacts with those controls, the portal container can interpret the incoming request as an ActionRequest and process it accordingly.


The reason for this change is to enable lazy-initialization of the ACE component JavaScript objects to improve runtime performance and reduce browser memory use. The following is a sample code snippet of a portlet declaration with the specific ICEfaces information added:.


This is an imperfect solution, so some mild rendering difference are bound to exist. Doing this ensures that the ICEfaces bridge is properly initiated.

Doing this makes the ID hierarchy more efficient and helps the ICEfaces framework uniquely identify components on the page, which is important when more than one ICEfaces portlet is running.

You can decide whether the trade-off is acceptable. Enable the expansion of nodes via clicks to the expansion icons. ICEfaces provides the same benefits to portlets as it does to web applications.

Printed by Atlassian Confluence 2. Once this is done and an instance is initialized, the component is added to the page, specifying this Resource instance, as well as other attributes that specify the way the resource is delivered. The custom class names and styling specified in styleClass and style are applied on the a or input element, depending on the value of the type attribute.