Grandiloquent is a fancy term for, well, being fancy or pretentious. In fact, you might say grandiloquent is itself a pretty grandiloquent word. grandiloquent definition: A grandiloquent style or way of using language is complicated in order to attract Meaning of “grandiloquent” in the English Dictionary. Define grandiloquent (adjective) and get synonyms. What is grandiloquent ( adjective)? grandiloquent (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by.

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grandipoquent Since this automated dictionary search failed to provide my with an agreeably shrunken number of words, I always planned on deleting this list for its utter uselessness. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. But even then, I can’t see necessarily ‘disqualifying’ some of these words just because they are not listed elsewhere.

The Grandiloquent Dictionary

An old Scots word for a break or opening between two things—like clouds or hills—through which something distant can be seen. GLAAB An old Scots word for a break or opening between two things—like clouds or hills—through which something distant can be seen. It seems straightforward to judge entries on the list ending in ‘phillia’ as misspellings, since the suffix ‘philia’ is standard for words of this kind. Telofy commented on the list the-i-grandiloquent-dictionary-i-less-such-words-which-are-also-included-in-at-least-one-of-several-other-dictionaries Sure.

It would be interesting to hear comments from other Wordies. I like the name change for the list. It’s just that this list has always bothered me to some extent – probably because the name seems to go a little farther than seems warranted.


You can check out the meanings at the Global Monitor website. Community Word of the day Random word Log in or Sign up. The definitions can be seen at the OUP blog. The whole purpose of this list was that at some point mollusque informed me that this Grandiloquent Dictionary contained quite a lot of errors referring to stuff like -phillia.

With apodyopsisthere are references to it in terms of the definition, but none specifically to its origin. My hope was to be left with a list of at most one hundred words, which would then be rather easy to look through manually. Those are the words listed in the description of the other list. Whether in this context Gotham derives from a genuine place or not is debatable, but nevertheless it and its inhabitants were once the subject of a number of old English folktales and folk songs about proverbially foolish country bumpkin-type characters going about doing predictably stupid things: Even more reason to perform this sort of ablution on my lists list In this case, I first thought of the words apocalyse and apocryphalboth of which have the apo- part.

A nice discussion of this point can be found in the Word Detective’s discussion of strikhedonia. What about the various ‘phobias’? According to the Oxford English Dictionaryyou can also be a gaping-stocka mocking-stocka scorning-stockand a pointing-stock.

Dictinary Apodyterium – Alam-Tadema, Being inclined towards perfectionism this bugged be, so I had to figure of a way to detect those errors. Log in or gfandiloquent up to get involved in the conversation. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If people were to begin using the word with some frequency, and also over a long period of time, it might find its way into a dictionary.


As we hurtle headlong towards Christmas, and I personally crawl toward my two weeks of vacation time, there are opportunities to play games with friends.

40 Grandiloquent G-Words To Grow Your Vocabulary

In similar vein, staurophobia may not have found a computer match in your search, but it is listed and defined in this gdandiloquent dictionaryfor instance. Some words may not be listed elsewhere, but still have a kind of legitimacy – there is a philosophical issue here about what is acceptable, I suppose.

I didn’t realize that it could be interpreted as sacrilege upon our sacred art of neologation or the like. Chickens, on the other hand, glocidate.

An old English dialect word for someone who lazes or idles idctionary, staring vacantly at something. Some parts feel rather ambiguous Add several words or phrases at once by separating them with grandiloqusnt. So what we are left with is a word constructed from Greek but with no date of origin and no extensive use.

grandiloquent – Dictionary Definition :

This site uses cookies. I’ve never understood exactly what it is you are trying to achieve with this particular list. A little applied commonsense would seem to be far more useful.