Renegades and Milita are up on the Last Chance to Buy! That is a sad one as there is some iconic miniatures that are going to go bye bye with. Forge World announced the Imperial Armour Index: Astra Millitarum, and it included the full updated Renegades and Heretics army list. Forge World – Chaos Renegades, all miniatures Forge World (). Battlefleet Gothic (38) Renegade Militia Icons and Assault Weapons ยท Cool? i have.

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Also shop forgewor,d Also shop in. Chaos Renegade Militia Artillery Crew. Competes with the Grenade Launcher for best weapon for Militia. You are commenting using your WordPress.

In addition, we pay the same price for our infantry equivalents, except they have worse BS, worse armor save, variable leadership, and no orders. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade militia Icons and Assault weapons conversion set. Sentinels are a good alternative. AP-3 on the charge. Good for threatening light vehicles and monsters. Charge from just under 9 forgewotld away if the enemy has flamers and you don’t want to take casualties; Flamers have a range of 8 and are designed to kill hordes with weak armor saves like yours in overwatch, so watch yourself.


Some people find it appalling, but to everyone their own. Used primarily for throwing around a free shot in the shooting phase for your special dudes in CC, but the additional range makes it nice for taking shots before a charge, too.

They too will struggle in larger games due to their small detachment size, but they’re a nice fluffy choice to run along renebades other Chaos army. No improvement over an Auto or Las Pistol, so completely useless. Two have been primed in chaos black spray and one has a thin base layer on its coat.

Take an extra Renegade Commander if you’re gonna do this, losing a 25 point model won’t hurt too much. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade militia with Autogun. Not anymore you can’t.

Forgeworld Renegade

Not to mention the lower AP. I hope you do, because they get to summon Daemons! Not a particularly good choice unless you plan on fighting Sisters of Battle, or Eldar. Most of the Greater Daemons are nearly impossible to get onto the field this way. Good for adding extra umph to some Disciples, but takes the forheworld of your long range anti tank options, which are limited for rejegades already.

Discounted in Chapter Approved. Browse Related Browse Related. Astra Millitarum, and it included the full updated Renegades and Heretics army list. Should be your go to special weapon for general use. Published by Matt Crowther.

  ASME B31Q-2010 PDF

Punchy, durable and bringing yet another source of Leadership shredding nastiness to Chaos’ extensive arsenal. Also good for killing ogryns, but the Power fist does that better. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade militia Enforcers conversion kit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In addition all of our units are now balanced enough that they don’t need insane customization options to be viable. Take a Mortal Wound if you rolled a double, or D3 if you rolled a triple.

Good for your disciples, since they can take advantage of the high damage single shot. You still only have to roll an 8 if you charge in this manner, and with coven of Slaanesh units this is hardly a problem. Can be taken by lots of individual models as well as Mutants and Marauders. Any questions, please ask.

Forge World – Chaos Renegades, all miniatures | – Miniatures Collectors Guide

If you can, try to run Vulgrar and Co. If you have the leftover points this is worth it for your elites. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Skip to content Trending Topics: