Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 13 MB Fiqh of Muslim Minorities sheds light on the principles. Minorities (Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat): The Case of the Palestinian Muslim .. Alwani preceded Al-Qaradawi in publishing works on Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat. Most Muslims perceive Muslim minorities as an integral part of the larger Muslim community, umma. . 10 Y. al-Qaradawi, Fiqh of Muslim Minorities (Vol.

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Remember me on this computer. These questions are usually sent by letter, fax or email to the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, where the ECFR’s secretary-general receives, organizes, and sometimes forwards the questions to members known for their expertise in the field.

Taking the European Council for Fatwa and Reseach as a case study, the author describes the settings, actors and logics of the production of fatwas in the European mmuslim.

Whether the ECFR succeeds in this project depends, of course, on the way integration is defined—and on who defines it—at any particular juncture. These scholars speak less in the collective meetings, and more tentatively; they tend to be more sensitive and vulnerable to local state policies and public debates, and worry more about how minoriies fatwas will be received in their national contexts.

Or should the ECFR try to reconcile its position regarding astronomy with that minoritied Saudi Arabia’s, which many Muslims regard as authoritative in these matters? How much attention should be paid to the actual practices of European Muslim communities?

The making of the fatwa

In the internal muslmi they speak with the self-confidence of men supported by a vibrant historical tradition. Some—like the status of meat products slaughtered by non-Muslims—have been indefinitely postponed. Fiqh of Muslim Minorities discusses controversial issues, be they social, economic and familial that face Muslim communities living in non-Muslim polity.


This volume focuses on issues relevant to both the general and the specific case: Is it permissible to bring religions close together? Like other religious communities, Muslims in Europe are polarized.

What are the meanings and fields of application of reform? The institutionalization of collective fatwa bodies can therefore be said to constitute one of the strategies through which the ulama have attempted to remain relevant in the face of the challenges of modernity Zaman, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi Language: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

But fiqh has not abolished the subjectivity involved in determining the appropriate balances and in facilitating the life of believers without illicitly transgressing the textual limits. Ads help cover our server costs. A similar assessment has repeatedly been made by one of the pioneers in this field, P.

Fiqh of Muslim Minorities

His study however saradawi offers interesting points of comparison with the universe of the fatwa. Staff from IslamOnLine covering the session for the website may distribute printouts of the relevant fatwas from their online fatwa database the Arabic fatwas are in fact often the individual opinions of some of the scholars attending the meeting such as Qaradawi, Mawlawi or Ali al-Qaradaghi.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Facebook account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The complete list of ECFR members is available at http: The researcher uses the inductive and analytical methods. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The fatwas can therefore be— and have been —revisited, revised, or completely rewritten.


Social scientists working on Islam in Europe seem to have by and large neglected the genre of fatwas. Since the advent of Islam, Muslims have historically lived as minorities in non-Muslim lands. Collectively, members argued about the appropriate tone and effective structure of justification for expressing dissent and interpellating the French state.

Can a Muslim inherit from his non-Muslim relative? Under what precise circumstances did the husband pronounce a triple talaqand were there any conditions—such as anger or drunkenness—that might invalidate the pronouncement?

Since the Prophet forbade interfaith inheritance in an authentic hadith, but also stated that Islam does not harm the believer, should European converts to Islam be allowed to inherit from their non-Muslim relatives? The most important result that he has reached is that the “custom” is one of the most important usuli sources on which the jurisprudence of Muslim minorities should be built, and this source comes before the “qiyas” analogical reasoning and the “istihsan”.

Dossier 27: Islamic law and Muslim minorities

Click here to sign up. Qaradawi, Mawlawi, Bin Bayyah, Ajil Nashmi and others have their own personal websites; Qaradaghi is currently the deputy-director of musim.

Klausen Jytte,The Islamic Challenge: You can find the article at: These are just examples of what this book attempts to answer.

With a few notable exceptions, they have been held in a hotel or conference room of an Islamic centre located in the suburb of a European capital, reflecting the geographical distribution of the Muslim musilm communities.