THE FRANK J. FABOZZI SERIES. Fixed Income Securities, Second Edition by Frank J. Fabozzi. Focus on Value: A Corporate and Investor Guide to Wealth. Robust Portfolio Optimization. Frank J. Fabozzi, Petter N. Kolm, Dessislava A. Pachamanova and Sergio M. Focardi. The Journal of Portfolio Management Spring. Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management (3 chapters) Frank Fabozzi of parameters and robust optimization of portfolio management models.

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Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management. Advanced Bond Portfolio Management: He previously worked at Goldman Sachs asset management where he developed quantitative investment models and strategies. Focardi is a founding partner of the Paris-based consulting firm, The Intertek Group. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Robust Frameworks for Estimation: The Practice of Robust Portfolio Management: Recent Trends and New Directions.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description Praise for Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management “”In the half century since Harry Markowitz introduced his elegant theory for selecting portfolios, investors and scholars have extended and refined its application to a wide range of real-world problems, culminating in the contents of this masterful book. Fabozzi, Kolm, Pachamanova, and Focardi deserve high praise for producing a technically rigorous yet remarkably accessible guide to the latest advances in portfolio construction.


This interest has been sparked, in part, by practitioners who implemented classical portfolio models for asset allocation without considering estimation and model robustness a part of their overall allocation methodology, and experienced poor performance.

Robust Portfolio Optimization | The Journal of Portfolio Management

Anyone interested in these developments ought to own a copy of this book. The authors cover the recent developments of the RO area in an intuitive, easy-to-read manner, provide numerous examples, and discuss practical considerations. I highly recommend this book to finance professionals and orbust alike. About the Author Frank J.

Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Preface. Quantitative Techniques in the Investment Management Industry.

Central Themes of This Book. Overview of This Book. Classical Theory and Extensions.

The Benefits of Diversification. Classical Framework for Mean-Variance Optimization. The Capital Market Line. More on Utility Functions: A General Framework for Portfolio Choice.

Advances in the Theory of Portfolio Risk Measures. Dispersion and Downside Measures. Some Remarks on the Estimation of Higher Moments. The Approach of Malevergne and Sornette. Portfolio Selection in Practice. Portfolio Constraints Commonly Used in Practice. Theoretical and Econometric Models.


Forecasting Expected Return and Risk.

The Sample Mean and Covariance Estimators. Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Factor Models. Factor Models in Practice. Other Approaches to Volatility Estimation. Application to Investment Strategies and Proprietary Trading. The Intuition behind Robust Statistics.

Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management : Frank J. Fabozzi :

Robust Estimators of Regressions. Mathematical and Numerical Optimization. How Do Optimization Algorithms Work? Implementing and Solving Optimization Problems in Practice. Specialized Software for Optimization Under Uncertainty.

Robust Portfolio Optimization

Some Issues in Robust Asset Allocation. Understanding and Modeling Transaction Costs. Rebalancing Using an Optimizer. Quantitative Investment Management Today and Tomorrow.

Using Derivatives in Portfolio Management. Trade Execution and Algorithmic Trading.