Tratamento da esporotricose felina refratária com a associação de iodeto de potássio e itraconazol oral. Download PDF. Cite this paper. Sign in and Save the . Larsson, C.E; Gonçalves, M.A; Araújo, V.C; Dagli, M.L.Z; Corrêa, B.; Fava Neto, C . Esporotricose felina: aspectos clínicos e zoonóticos. Revista Instituto Medicina. A transmissão zoonótica, especialmente por gatos infectados, tem sido demonstrada em diversos relatos e séries de casos. Nós descrevemos a ocorrência.

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Cited 8 Source Add To Collection. Dermatologia De Pequenos Animais.

Cited 20 Source Add To Collection. Sporotricosis acquired from a cat.

Denise Torres da Silva 1 Estimated H-index: The feline habits of digging holes or covering their excrement with soil or sand, and sharpening its nails on tree trunks, are responsible for the carriage of fungus on its claws, even dsporotricose a healthy host, becoming able to infect other animals and men with Sporothrix.

Compendium of Animal Practice, v.

The first report relating sporotrichosis transmission from cat to man is frompublished by Brazilian physicians 1. Twenty – nine animals presented clinical adverse effects, which were classified as mild in 26 animals.

Almeida, F; Sampaio, S. The lesions are commonly seen on the head, distal limbs or tail, which may often resemble the cryptococcosis ones. C; Moreno, G; Saliba, A. Unfortunately, most of the human general physicians and dermatologists do not know or give the proper attention to the role that cats play in sporotrichosis transmission. Feline sporotrichosis acquired from a cat Journal of American Academy.


The median time from treatment until clinical cure with the combination was 20 weeks. In Brazil, until the sixties, the human sporotrichosis was the second most common deep mycoses, just after the South American blastomycosis. Potassium iod ide capsules are an option for the feline cases.

In six cases there was non – compliance with treatment.

Sporotrichosis is a fungal infection caused by Sporothrix species complex. Animal model of human disease: The diagnosis is based on anamnesis data place and kind of breeding, age, sex, contact with other esporotrifose or vegetables, etcon physical examination and complementary exams cytology, fungal culture, inoculation in laboratory animals, intradermal reaction, serology and histopathology “intra-vitam” and “post-mortem.

Sporotrichosis – WSAVA – VIN

The association of potassium iodide and antifungal agents may provide better results when feluna to the monotherapy with these drugs. Four animals showed laboratory adverse effects represented by an increase in liver enzymes. Skeletal sporotrichosis in a dog. Frequently, these professionals attribute the infection to the contact with vegetables, soil etc and completely eesporotricose the possibility of infection from scratch and bite of diseased cats.

Of the 38 cats included in the study, 24 were cured, treatment failure oc urred in five and death in three cats. Cited 15 Source Add To Collection.


Acta Scientiae Veterinariae

Besides the classical and usual dermatozoonosis dermatophytosis, canine and feline scabies, otodectic mange, cheyletiellosis, flea bite and hemintic dermatitis it’s been verified a preoccupying growth in the human sporotrichosis cases in Brazil, due to the contact with affected cats.

Initially, the lesions are very similar to those caused by fighting, and are presented as abscesses, draining tracts or cellulitis. It’s been isolated from tree bark, sphagnum moss, conifer seedlings, what probably justify the occurrence of disease in gardeners, farmers, miners, and animal, seedling and flower handlers.

Weight loss, hiporexia and vomiting were the most frequently observed. Are you looking for Medleau 1 Estimated H-index: In tropical countries, like Brazil and many others in South America, Asia and Africa, is extremely frequent the occurrence of human and animal sporotrichosis.

Generally the lesions are neither painful nor pruritic. The largest amount of feline sporotrichosis cases found in literature is from Freitas et al. Very often the veterinarians also forget a basic rule in veterinary dermatology: Cited 22 Source Add To Collection.