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Although way overpriced if you are just a language learner like me rather than a teacher which is the intended market. El cambio YosoyGuatemoforsiswith many stories from people in Guatemala who are creating change for the country.

Cassie C rated it really liked it Mar 06, The results were amazing as far as what the students took with them from the book and our activities. We briefly talk about the images that they have seen.

Work turned in late will be accepted, but for reduced credit. Design a poster advertising the book, include at least 5 interesting details about the book that would make others want to read it.

The kids love the music and her voice.

Use the book title as the song title. Maddie rated it really liked it Oct 01, Additionally, there is a new Gaby Moreno song out called Guatemorfosis that will provide a hopeful focus as we finish the novel. Include a newspaper clipping with picture that discusses violence in Guatemala.

On Monday, we are going to eat plain tortillas, salted tortillas, etc…. Enlos sindicatos empezaron a luchar por una vida mejor y los derechos de los mayas y los trabajadores.


It was inspiring and motivating. I will play the song and the students will arrange the pictures to go with the lyrics of the song.

Esperanza by Carol Gaab

And finally, we have talked extensively about the crying of the baby due to hunger, the whining of Ricardito due to hunger, and their vomiting. As they listen, have them draw murals to map out the action and locations in this chapter. April 6, April 6, 2 Comments. Rather, I cagol going to share, once again, a favorite song that I use with the novel and the updates that I have done with esperanzza. Additionally, it should be readily apparent that there is a very wide span of proficiency with these assessments.

School starts in just a few days.

Esperanza – Carol Gaab – Google Books

Just a bit of this one: Breon rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Annie rated it really liked it Nov 14, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You must create your own script. Sep 05, Olivia Gehrig rated it really liked it Shelves: I can not emphasize enough the phenomenal value of the TPRS novels and the novels being selfpublished Mike Peto as well as the original stories by people like Martina Bex. If you would like to see the document, here it is: We listened to “La llamada” by Selena and completed the activity described … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 3 Share this: Make a timeline sequencing 10 important events that happened in the book.

Esperanza by Carol Gaab. Imagine that you are a character in the book and create a diary or a blog. The first activity with the actual song is to watch about a minute 10 seconds of the video, just checking what they see. The possibilities for classroom use of this site are endless!


Nov 16, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: March 23, March 23, 6 Comments. This post is going to be a bit different. I spent 2 days with the story prior to introducing the song.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We used espefanza videos: It was a good Spanish learning book for beginners. Eli Burr rated it really liked it Mar 29, This song is … Continue reading Chicken Bus Song.

We then listen to the first part of the song, putting the first 7 lines in order. One activity that I know I will use once the students have learned the lyrics will be this matching activity guatemoforsis-through-images.

I will run off sets of the pictures for groups of two. Next, have them put their murals aside and read the chapter in a small group.

Nathalie Meneses rated it liked it Aug 23, Oct 11, Lia rated it liked it Shelves: I read the question or fact, and they had to recognize the answer, stand up and shout it!