Vocalist VR WARNING FOR YOUR PROTECTION, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: The symbols shown above are internationally accepted symbols that warn. DigiTech | STUDIO VOCALIST | User`s guide | DigiTech STUDIO VOCALIST User`s guide Discard used batteries according to manufacturer’s instructions. Studio Quad Owner’s Manual . (1) DigiTech Studio Quad Studio Effects Processor .. mono sources like vocals and bass guitar, send equal levels from.

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Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. To reduce the mznual of fire or electric shock, the user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that described in the operating instructions. That is, one whose harmony notes only fall within the harmony.

This parameter allows you to set where on your keyboard where stduio play to trigger harmonies on Chords or Notes presets. This larger module allows you to have longer delay times and more dense sounding reverbs. Scale Harmony usually requires you to enter the one key that works for a whole song.


The drawing below demonstrates this. The S offers you Dual-Engine processing with five different effect digitfch and a full palette of studio-quality effects. This way you can sing the part in a range you are comfortable in but the sound will be an octave lower.

Press level Press the the Bypass Bypassbutton button so so itit lights.

The LCD display will show the current Harmony level from 0 to max. Ved utskifting benyttes kun batteri som anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten. The current scale being used is displayed on the right hand side syudio the LCD display when on a Scale preset. The procedure is as follows: Whatever notes you play on the keyboard become the harmony notes when you sing. Scale, Chord, Notes and Double. Damper Diggitech Allows harmony notes in Chord and Notes mode to stay held after the notes have been released from the keyboard.

  ASTM F2170 PDF

This unit conforms to the Product Specifications noted on the Declaration of Conformity.

DigiTech STUDIO VOCALIST User`s guide |

The classic vocal reverb. EQ and Noise Gate Adjustments This editing function allows you to make key EQ and Noise gate modifications to custom tailor your sound for each program.

Level LEDs see page 9 for more detail: Pre Delay This parameter controls the length of time before the reverb reflections are heard. Replace only with an Eveready CR or equivalent. How mannual you get in to EDIT mode?

The procedure for both is as follows: This parameter is used on all presets as long as Global Rev is off see following section for Global Rev. Cross-over Frequency This parameter selects the frequency where the signal is split between the Rotor and the Horn. Delay Time settings are If liquid is spilled on the unit, shut it off immediately and take it to a dealer for service.

The range for the Noise gate Threshold is from Off, 99 to 0. For a complete list of the effects available stueio their respective names, please see Section 3 on pages With this parameter you specify a manuual on your keyboard and whether the notes above or below it will trigger harmonies. Range is 60 to 0.


Theinput AUXtoinput the reverb is useful to add some depth to your sound. Vibrato Depth allows you to modify the amount of vibrato on the harmonies with your keyboard mod wheel.

The same Hall as above but with the lights off. Range is from 0 to Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Discard the mains plug at a suitable disposal facility.

No input Sudio input needed here.

Diffusion This parameter controls the reverb smoothness and ranges from 1 to A single voice assigned to doubling can also be selected in Chord and Scale programs. Not only can this preset give your vocals some added depth, but it can increase the clarity in live spaces where the upper frequencies are not reproduced well. The presets loaded automatically scroll them. The more voices, the vpcalist and fatter your voice will sound. It It is is useful useful when when you you want want to to play play high high harmonies harmonies from from the the lower part harmonies lower part of your your keyboard.