Semantic Scholar extracted view of “CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool” by Gene Fliedner. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Gene Fliedner Decision and Information Sciences Department, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Language: eng. Published: Emerald Subjects: Forecasting,Collaboration,Planning,Supply‐chain management .

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Collaboration ensures all supply chain planners are utilizing the same internally and externally consistent forecast. Yan-Fang and Yue considered CPFR which provides a way to reduce huge loss led by bullwhip effect by scientifically forecasting the customers demand and reasonably replenishing the inventory.

Iformation distortion in a supply chain: Author also proposes the need for a greater understanding of the elements that make up supply chain collaboration and in particular how the relevant cultural, strategic and implementation elements inter-relate with each other.

Recently a methodology referred as Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment Chaain is being espoused as a means of integrating all members of the supply chain including distribution and retail activities Fliedner, Simple techniques are easily used in cjain with expert knowledge of promotional or pricing events to modify forecast values accordingly.

In a fullblown collaboration for store-level planning, the number of daily collaborative forecasts would increase to 1, for Planters Peanuts alone Stedman, a.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool

This figure was higher for manufacturers, as 73 percent noted either direct material flows or inventory that passed through only one distribution point before reaching the retailer.


We interrogated the theory and research practice to find what the various CPFR activities are. Point of shipment data represents the aggregate of all stores served by one warehouse, typically measured over a longer interval of time, such as a week.

In the apparel industry, for example, the life cycle of some garments is six months or less. Anecdotal evidence provided from the results of several pilot programs highlight benefits, which are: Benefits, problems and a contextual model.

First, it is a slower approach.

This paper examines CPFR; explaining the CPFR process, tracing its short evolution, citing benefits that have been achieved, identifying obstacles to implementation, and proposing the next logical development in the future of CPFR.

An empirical analysis of forecast sharing in the semiconductor equipment supply chain. Authors provided insights into the adoption of information technology and the impacts on organisational performance.

An additional obstacle chaih adoption and implementation concerns two aspects of data aggregation; the number of forecasts and the frequency of forecast generation Abend, ; Stedman, a.

General merchandise retailers know this year’s newest toy has a short product life cycle. Some companies are rightfully concerned about the idea of placing strategic data such as financial reports, manufacturing schedules and inventory values online. Customer responsiveness has been recognized as one of the principle aims of supply chain integration Narasimhan and Jayram, This helps to explain the increasing exploration of CPFR among food, apparel, and general merchandise firms.


Value of information in capacitated supply chains.

CPFR an emerging supply chain tool_百度文库

In the past, commonly used supplier evaluative criteria have focused on quality, service or delivery and price. A comparison with American and Western European practices. Information sharing in a supply chain under ARMA demand.

Collaborative transportation planning has also been identified by VICS as a key lever in replenishment. All of these driving forces support the need to respond quickly to volatile demand and other market signals.

Holdings: CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool

Radio frequency identification systems in supply chain management. E-commerce and its impact on operations management. Experiences of organizations like Caterpillar, General motors, ICL, Philips and Rank Xerox have shown that focusing on fast, reliable delivery and responsiveness to changing customer needs is important to achieve integration of the supply chain Armistead and Mapes, Supply chain cpcr across the internet.

The CPFR process has three major sub-processes namely planning, forecasting and replenishment each emerginb which is formed by numerous steps. As order lead times are lowered, order response time improves. How to cite this article: Auto ID systems and intelligent manufacturing control.

Enterprises in the union should trust each other.