To edit this object, install AcroExch or ensure that any dialog boxes in . to the transform created with the customization wizard – I’ll post back after testing. Reply. There are third party convert utilities as well, but I would prefer the official Adobe Acrobat for best conversion and fidelity to the original. That error would seem to indicate that the class name “” is not registered on your machine. Also, you’ve declared that object of type Acrobat.

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acrpexch App” Can you please help me to resolve it? Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Or is there another way of inserting the PDF into Word? Is there a way to just insert the multiple pages of the file inself? I use Adobe Acrobat X Version In the dialog box browse your folder that covnert have created Images. Acrobat Hi Chris, Perhaps you should consider using Ghostscript, which has procedures for converting pdfs to postscript and postscript to ascii, via the simple expedient of batch files.

While this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential acriexch of the answer here, and provide the link for reference.

AcroExch error when inserting pdf object into Word doc.

Acrobat I’m not certain either, but I’ve never had success with Sendkeys, so somehow I was optimistic that scripting might achieve what VBA can not. Edit Answer for another 12 minutes. This is such a simple and easy fix. No, whatever application is associated with AcroEch. Where do I get AcroExch? Open Adobe Reader XI 2. What are you trying to do? Doubtless vba could be coaxed to run those, or ghostscript directly with a similar syntax to that of the batch files.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Copy the PDF’s contents in a Word file? That program is either not installed on your computer or it is not responding. I need to share the Word document with others who may not have Adobe. How do I configure the display of members’ images and signatures? The above FAQ links open in a new window. So, inserting as an object is not editable in ms word itself. Aleksandr Chehrov 11 1. Also, you’ve declared that object of type Acrobat.

App” is not registered on your machine. Post as a guest Name. Get clnvert Ask the community. I’m getting this error when using either Word or Excel Was this ever solved? Sign up using Facebook. Had the same problem.

FreeVBCode code snippet: Automate Adobe Acrobat to convert TIFs to PDFs.

It’s just that I am not able to insert a PDF as an object. This thread suggests you may need Professional, and also that if you have multiple versions installed concurrently, that may be a problem. AcroAppso you need to make up your mind which class you’re using, because I think that will probably raise a Type 13 “Mismatch” error even if you do register the AcroExch. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. Acrobat The Save method is not intended for save as a text file.


You can not post a blank message. So Acrobat 9 may not fully work for Windows 8. Edit Answer for another minute. App class, because it’s returning an object type that differs from the variable’s declared type. Click on Create from file Tab conveft click on Browse button browse your pdf file conveert click OK if you want to Link with your file, check the Link to file box. Click here for more information on our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. I can export the document from Acrobat Pro as a graphic but it creates a graphic for each page.

The original post was for “Reader” and “Reader” does not have any ability to convert any document to a PDF. There are third party convert utilities as well, but I would prefer the official Adobe Acrobat for best conversion and fidelity to the original. acroexxch

I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. Is this related to the most recent update? Sign up using Email and Password. You mean, reinstalling excel.? Hope this solves your problem.

Automate Adobe Acrobat to convert TIFs to PDFs.

Open Adobe Reader X. If you only have Adobe Reader, try marking all the text, copy it and paste to Word. There has got to be a better way. Sign up using Email and Password.

Select Security enhanced category on the list, uncheck or remove tick mark for “Enable protect mode at startup”.