Contactless tachometer using pic microcontroller: Contactless digital tachometer project is designed to measure speed of dc motor using PIC18F46K Simple but accurate digital tachometer using microcontroller Has a resolution of 1 rev/sec. The tachometer use an optical pickup scheme for picking . Buy Digital Photo Laser Tachometer Non Contact Tach RPM Meter: Tachometers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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C remotes use IR sensors to operate. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Can you Provide an lcd version of it please! The module is connected to the PC through serial port. Related article at PubmedScholar Google.

Have one to sell? Its base is connected to pwm pin 9 of the arduino through the current limiting resistor R1. When the speed of the motor is above a fixed value, a buzzer is alarmed and an LED indication is given. What is the use of burner circuit of microcontroller in this device? I’ve used better photo tachs in the past, and tachojeter read similarly, so this one seemed fine, and the ratios I measured all made sense. This is done by counting the number of times the slot comes in line of sight with the transmitter conactless pair.


Technical Details

The result will be a waveform like what shown below at the emitter of the photo transistor. As a result the will be an interrupt for every upward shoot in the emitter waveform. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The LED and the buzzer connect to the microcontroller which monitors the speed of the motor.

In wood and metal working it can be used to accurately measure the speed of a lathe or milling machine.

Hae there,i want to make the tracometer but a few things are troubling me. Amazon’s price was much less expensive than anything I could purchase locally. It can measure RPS speed up to the desired value, depends on the speed of the motor.

Design of a Contactless tachometer | Open Access Journals

The output is given in rpm revolutions per minute and the number of digits are increased from 3 to 5. Digital Photo Laser Tacho Resistor R2 limits the current through the IR diode. For warranty information about tachometter product, please click here.

For the counting purpose both the timers of Timer0 and Timer1 are used.

What is the cost of the whole circuit? I bought this tachometer to set the high speed adjusting screw on my chainsaw carburetor. The photo transistor conducts more at this moment and as a result the contactlses across R3 68K resistor shoots up at this moment. In the circuit we have placed the IR transmitter and receiver at either side of the DC motor such that both are in line.


For project purpose of measurement a distance below 1meter is suitable, but higher distances are possible if sensors rachometer properly calibrated.

High intensity class II laser measures from 2. Measures the rotational speed with a visible red light beam from a powerful LED.

This value of voltage will depend upon the intensity of incident IR radiations or in other words, the distance between IR transmitter and receiver. After following the simple instructions and applying a small piece of reflective tape included to the spindle, I was able to quickly measure spindle speeds.

Tachometer using arduino praveen January 13, 10 Comments.

Contactless digital tachometer using 3 digit display and measures upto rev/sec

I found though that it would not work in the sunlight it apparently couldn’t see the reflection. The reflective tape tachomerer well to the cardboard and I was able to get my rpms and my carb set. My first attempt to use it was on a weed eater–I was just curious and wanted to try it.