In this article, Christian Rebisse presents the history and narratives of the three Rosicrucian Manifestos published in , , and —the Fama. Confessio Fraternitatis or The Confession of the Laudable Fraternity of the Most Honorable Order of the Rosy Cross, Written to All the Learned. The Rosicrucian Manifestos: Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis. Originally published anonymously in and The contents of this docu-.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the rest, it hath been necessary that the Fama should be set forth in everyone’s mother tongue, lest those should not be defrauded of the knowledge thereof; whom although they be unlearned God hath not excluded from the happiness of this Fraternity, which is divided into degrees; as those which dwell in Damcar, who have a far different politick order from the other Arabians; for there do govern onely understanding men, who, by the king’s permission, make particular laws, according unto which example the government shall also be instituted in Europe according to the description set down by our Christianly Fatherwhen.

Shem marked it as to-read Aug 23, The Fama deals above all with the life and path of knowledge of Christian Rosenkreuz who founded the secret fraternity at the start of the fifteenth century.

Before the Rosicrucian manifestos were published by Landgrave Moritz of Kasselthey had already been distributed in handwritten form. And moreover, excellent wits ought not to be drawn to the tincture of ffraternitatis, before they be exercised well in the knowledge of Nature.

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Their theurgy and esoteric knowledge is expounded in an epistolary style in the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity. But whatsoever hath been said in the Fama concerning the deceivers against the transmutation of metals, and the highest medicine in the world, the same is thus to be understood, that this so great gift of God we do in no manner set at naught, or dispise it.

Trivia About The Rosicrucian C These characters and letters, as God hath here and there incorporated them in the Sacred Scriptures, so hath He imprinted them most manifestly on the wonderful work of creation, on the heavens, the earth, and on all beasts, so that as the mathematician predicts eclipses, so we prognosticate the obscurations of the church, and how long they shall last. What was intended with the Fama was a novel in which the idea of reformation of Sciences and Arts in which a Hermetic tradition of European origin is well established.


Harry Whitewolf marked it as to-read Jun 10, After learning Arabic philosophy fratenitatis Jerusalemhe was led to Fraternigatis. Minna marked it as to-read Mar 31, NNA News for civil society.

The Rosicrucian Confessio Fraternitatis by Arthur Edward Waite

In the Confessio the Fraternity also distanced itself from such pseudo alchemy which was only concerned with material gain. A thousand times the unworthy may clamour, a thousand times may present themselves, yet God hath commanded our ears that they should hear none of them, and hath so compassed us about with His clouds that unto us, His servants, no violence can be done; wherefore now no longer are we beheld by human eyes, unless they have received strength borrowed from the eagle.

To ask other readers questions about The Rosicrucian Confessio Fraternitatisplease sign up. The new world view as it cohfessio set out by Kepler, Galilei or Tycho Brahe was opposed in the Counter-Reformation by strong forces of the Catholic Church and traditional science. What think you, loving people, and how seem you affected, seeing that you now understand and know, that we acknowledge ourselves truly and sincerely to profess Christ, condemn the Pope, addict ourselves to the true Philosophy, lead a Christian life, and daily call, entreat and invite many more unto our Fraternity, unto whom the same Light of God likewise appeareth?

The Brethren of Purity and the Sufis were united in many points of doctrine.

File:Confessio Fraternitatis.jpg

Although we believe ourselves to have sufficiently unfolded to you in the Fama the nature of our order, wherein we follow the will of our most excellent father, nor can by any be suspected of heresy, nor of any attempt against the commonwealth, we hereby do condemn the East and the West meaning the Pope and Mahomet for their blasphemies against our Lord Jesus Christ, and offer to the chief head of the Roman Empire our prayers, secrets, and great treasures of gold.

For from thence are proceeded an innumerable sort of all manner of false opinions and heresies, that scarce the wisest of all was able to know whose doctrine and opinion he should follow and embrace, and could not well and easily be discerned; seeing on the one part they were detained, hindered, and brought into errors through the respect of the philosophers and learned men, and on the other part through true experience. This picture from his work “Atalanta fugiens” shows the relationship between the student of nature and nature itself.


Rolf Speckner in his lecture described the fate of Trajano Boccalini whose socially critical satire Ragguali di Parnaso was published together with the manifestos.

Fama Fraternitatis – Wikipedia

The third work of the Rosicrucians, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuzprinted for the first time in Strasbourg indocuments the intricate inner fraternitaris of spiritual experience. Retrieved from ” https: Were it not a precious thing, that you could frateernitatis read in one only book, and withal by reading understand and remember, all that which in all other books which heretofore have been, and are now, and hereafter shall come out hath been, is, and shall be learned and found out of them?

Wherefore we do admonish everyone for to read diligently and continually the Holy Bible, for he that taketh all his pleasures therein, fraterintatis shall know that he prepared for himself an frafernitatis way to come to our Fraternity.

Trivia About Fama fraternitati If you have problems understanding these alchemical texts, Adam McLean now provides a study course entitled How to read alchemical texts: Fama fraternitatis ; Confessio fraternitatis ; Chymische Hochzeit: Josh Dennis marked it as to-read May 25, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Just a moment while we sign you in fraterjitatis your Goodreads account. Research, helping and healing were their goals. The Confessio is a breviary about “the true Philosophy”, it completes the earlier manifesto Fama Fraternitatisand in some way it comes to justify it, defending it from the voices and accusations already launched to the mysterious Brothers of the “Fraternity of the Rose Cross”.

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But the work itself shall be attributed to the blessedness of fraernitatis age. Madison marked it as to-read Nov 19, All the which, when it shall once be abolished and removed, and instead thereof a right and true rule instituted, then there will remain thanks unto them which have taken pains therein.

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