Bend at the waist so your arm is dangling down. You may want to hold onto a table or chair for support. Gently rock your body weight from your left to your right . One of the more commonly used exercises after rotator cuff repair is the pendulum, which is also referred to as Codman’s exercise. To perform this exercise. One of the more commonly used ex- ercises after rotator cuff repair is the pendulum, which is also referred to as. Codman’s exercise.6 To perform this ex- ercise.

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Pendulum and Codman Exercises for Shoulder Rehabilitation

Research suggests that these three stretching and strengthening exercises…. Support Center Support Center. EMG activity for group with pathological and non-pathological shoulder expressed as percentage of MVIC for the infraspinatus. A study compared weighted and unweighted pendulum exercises.

Codman Shoulder Exercises | SportsRec

One passive shoulder exercise often prescribed during shoulder rehabilitation is called the pendulum or Codman exercise, developed by Edina Codman. Continuous passive motion after repair of the rotator cuff. Sometimes, all you need are some simple exercises for your lower back. When grouped across all patients and all exervises factors included exegcises the ANOVA, the type of pendulum exercise did not have a significant effect on shoulder EMG activity regardless of patient population or muscle tested.


Have Codman’s shoulder exercises helped you and your joints out of codnan tough spot, or have you used them at home just to release a bit of pre-workout tension? You might find pushups to be easy or hard, depending on your fitness level.

Codman, passive motion, distraction, muscle activity. Conclusion Performing the exercises with added weight did not result in significant increased shoulder EMG activity for the deltoid and infraspinatus muscles in subjects with and without shoulder pathology. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch.

Choose from exfrcises category below. Try these exercises for relief. Therefore, the infraspinatus muscle appears to be able to relax during pendulum exercises. An alpha of 0.

The MVIC was recorded as the participant abducted the arm and pressed as hard as they could into a pillow against the wall. How to Avoid Nausea After Exercise Nausea after working out is a common negative side effect, but it’s easy to avoid in many cases.

Whenever you have a shoulder injury, there will be associated muscle tightness, even on a slight degree, to help stabilize the joint while the injury heals. Looking to take chest day to a new level, but unsure what kind of bench press is best?

And while you can’t totally fight aging or genetics, there are some jawline…. The third trial was used for data collection. The knee closest to your pendilum arm should bend a bit, while your other leg is straight is pointed slightly outward.

The pathological group did not require these calculations since only the contralateral arm was tested. Twenty-six participants, ages 20 to 56 years old mean They concluded that therapist vodman exercises and Codman’s vodman exercises showed activity that was not significantly different from that of a CPM machine.


Greenhouse-Geisser corrections were eexercises to significant ANOVAs that did not meet Pfndulum sphericity assumption in order to reduce the likelihood of a type I error. Cardio football-player Created with Sketch.

The average RMS for the duration of exercisea trial was computed by integrating the RMS and dividing the area by the time, thereby, producing the average amplitude. Try these gluteus medius exercises to activate every part of your rear. Open in a separate window. Despite this limitation, we believe that this study still provides valuable information related to muscle activity during the performance of Codman’s pendulum exercises when adding weight.

Nausea after working out is a common negative side effect, but it’s easy to avoid in many cases. Rock your body weight so that your dangling arm slowly moves in a circle. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Codman exercises maintain range of motion during your recovery. However, it definitely doesn’t hurt anything either. They use gravity and momentum to create motion rather than muscle strength.