The book of Arda Viraf. by Haug, Martin, ; Publisher Bombay: Government Central Book Depot ; London: Trner. Collection gaelic. The Book of Arda Viraf has 5 ratings and 2 reviews. Eadweard said: This was very Book of Arda Viraf is a Zoroastrian religious text o. It was early made available in Western languages by M. Haug and E. W. West ( The Book of Arda Viraf, Bombay and London, [repr. Amsterdam, ];.

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Then the Dasturs of the religion assented thus: English Translation with notes by M. Member feedback about Zoroastrians in Iran: Arriving at Nausari, they were entertained by Manekshah who consulted them about several bolk observances which had fallen into disuse, and especially about building a new dakhma for the dead.

The Glossary to all the texts contained in this volume will be published separately, next year. Pgyi in all but H After having vifaf all the crimes and evil actions which are rewarded with a place in hell, we may also cast a summary glance on the virtues and good actions by which heaven is gained 12 — Of the Persian prose versions, one is con- tained in H28, Xo.

Sedreh topic Sedreh also called sudreh, sudre or sudra is the Avestan term for the undergarment worn by Zoroastrians, which is worn alongside the Kushti. Go an i yat did pa vahesht u dozliakh u Chiniiad pulial ; 93 edum rashtiha goi anda emaicha danom ill i Trudaman grift eshtarl.


That edition of the Bahariyyat, datedcovers folios of the folio codex. Thereupon was Yiraf nook back to his place I also saw the souls of women who ever lacerated their own breasts with their own hands and teeth; 2 and dogs ever tore and ate their bellies; 3 and both feet stood on hot brass. J only in Hga.

The Book of Arda Viraf: A Dantesque Vision of Heaven and Hell

IL with the remainder bool this chapter. A recent edition and translation is by Ph. Open Preview See a Problem? Lix miracle, the doubts which existed as to the truth of the Zoroastrian reli- gion, were not wholly removed. And after further ardz, it appeared to me 3 as a pit, to the bottom of which, a thousand cubits would not reach; 4 and though all the wood which is in the world, were all put on to the fire in the most stinking and booj hell, it would never emit a smell; 5 and again also, as close as the ear to the eye, and as many as the hairs on the mane of a horse, 6 so close and many in number, the souls of the wicked stand, 7 but they see not and hear no sound, one from the other; 8 everyone thinks thus: Vasu guff a Jcu: Hang’s collection, an incomplete octavo MS.

Fire temple topic Burning fire in the Zoroastrian temple of Yazd, Iran.

The Book of Arda Viraf: A Dantesque Vision of Heaven and Hell by Charles Francis Horne

Now the soul must suffer such severe torment and punishment. I also saw the soul of a zrda 2 whose limbs they ever break and separate, one from the other.


The rituals for purifying a fire are performed 1, times a year.

Member feedback about Name of Iran: Dfu’, Hi8 vhil be dcd, Sans. When I put forth the third footstep on Huvarsht, there where good deeds huvarsht are received with hospitality, there I arrived.

This seems to contain the same matter as K20 in its present state, with the addition of the Nam- stayishni and Sirozah, which follow the Patit. Zoroastrianism Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Name of Iran topic In the Western world, Persia or one of its cognates was historically the common name for Iran.

Full text of “The book of Arda Viraf”

The literal meaning of the word Ahura is “mighty” or “lord”, and Mazda is “wisdom”. The text assumed its definitive form in the 9thth centuries after a long vira of emendations. Then I saw the soul of a woman, 2 on whose body they construct an iron coating, 3 and they turn back the mouth, and put it back to a hot oven.

J only in H