In conventional vulcanizing machine the process is mainly hand operated and is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. constructed as a heat consumer and is fitted with an automatic temperature. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor Solar Water Purification by using thermal method Fabrication of Paper cup. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. In our project is consists of heat sensor circuit, solenoid valve and Pneumatic cylinder. The heat.

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Alternatively, the temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium preset corresponding to a predetermined vulcanizing step may be selected as illustrated in FIG.

The vulcaniziing gets heated to the particular temperature. Specifically, the sequence timer unit 1 comprises a card mchine 2, a data key board 3, a control key board 4, a connector 5, displays 8, 9, 10 and 11, a time display shifting switch 12, a mode shifting switch 13 and a jot switch 14 each of which will be described later.

Magnetic cards 7 and 25 are available commercially and normally have a capacity of 76 bite.

The data key board 3 serves to input data such as vulcanizing time, function, step number or the like. Now a typical vulcanizing operation will be described with reference to FIG. However, since this is achieved by manual operation, presetting tends to be carried out inexactly and thereby a correct response to the necessary vulcanizing time is not assured reliably. Your email address will not be published. Non-skilled person also operate this machine Time conception is very less pneumahic compare to the manual machine Heating coil temperature is varied one.

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Owing to the arrangement of the control apparatus of the invention that a vulcanizing time prolong command is issued in response to temperature difference when temperature in the molding die is usign than the preset one, it is assured that any incorrect operation conducted by an operator can be completely prevented and moreover vulcanizing is effected under the constant working conditions at all times, resulting in an improved quality of vulcanized tires.

It should be noted that the invention may be embodied in such a manner that the function signals prepared in the sequence timer II as illustrated by two dot-chain lines in FIG.

The heating coil temperature is changed by adjusting the variable resistor temperature value. This magnetic card 7 is stored as a master card and another magnetic card 7 is inserted into a reader 2 on the sequence timer unit 1 for the practical vulcanizing operation so that the data are inputted into the RAM memory.

Next, referring to FIG. It should be noted that the position where temperature in the molding die is preferably located in the proximity of the parting line between both the upper and lower die halves in which temperature tends to decrease to the lowermost level. At the same time autimatic vulcanizing medium temperature and pressure signals 72 in a tire or a piping extending thereto vuulcanizing inputted into the comparator 75 as they are detected by means of the vulcanizing medium detector The control apparatus as defined in claim 5, wherein said temperature and pressure are preset for each sequential operational function step of introducing and discharging said vulcanizing medium.


The control apparatus as defined in claim 1, wherein said vulcanizing time prolonging command is preset by said keyboard or said magnetic card, wherein both the length of time and sequential function step to be prolonged are preset.

A control apparatus as defined in claim 5, further including a plurality of pressure switches for detecting pilot air pressure during the introducing and discharging of said vulcanizing medium. In the drawing reference numeral 40 designates a vulcanizing operation start signal, vulvanizing numeral 41 a time generator for causing a step to proceed with time measured from said vulcanizing operation start signal 40, reference numeral 42 a microcomputer, reference numeral 43 a card reader, reference numeral 44 a function output mechanism and reference numeral 45 a molding die heating temperature output mechanism.

To vulcanize a tire for a motorcar, the tire is heated up from both the inside and outside of the vulcanizing machine in the above-described manner but there is a necessity for a presetting a new vulcanizing operation prolonging time, platen temperature and others each time a tire specification changes.

Means for electronically comparing the extent of fill in containers with a preset extent. Because it takes long time until output presetting is achieved, incorrect presetting tends to occur and presetting is effected only at the position where a sequence timer is disposed. A control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine in which vulcanizing is effected by introducing a vulcanizing medium into a rubber made product placed in a molding die and then discharging the same therefrom is disclosed, wherein said control apparatus includes a vulcanizing sequence timer adapted to an output function signal in response to a vulcanizing automatiic start signal on the basis of vulcanizing data comprising preset vulcanizing steps and functions, said vulcanizing data being read by said vulcanizing sequence timer, and a plurality of control valves for controlling introduction and discharge of a vulcanizing medium in accordance with vulcanizint function signal outputted from the vulcanizing vuclanizing timer whereby sequential function of the vulcanizing machine is automatically carried out.

To prevent incorrect operation a vulcanizing specification number is usually stored in each of the magnetic cards.

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To assure that signals are transmitted from the vulcanizing sequence timer unit 1 to the card reader writer 21 and vise versa both the vulcanizing sequence timer unit 1 and the card reader writer 21 are disconnectably connected to one another via a connector 5, a pneumafic 6, a cable 26, a connector 24 and a connector Moreover, it is possible to provide another data preparation device having the same functions as those of the key board on the sequence timer unit 1 for the purpose of preparing a master card 7.

If it is found that the former neat deviated from the latter, alarming output 76 is generated and thereby the alarm such as a buzzer or the like means is actuated so as to automatically inhibit proceeding to the next cycle. On the other hand, the microcomputer 62 has sutomatic presetting device 73 incorporated therein, said presetting device 73 being adapted to preset temperature and pressure conditions for vulcanizing medium to be introduced and discharged and thereby automatically select temperature and pressure preset values comprising reference value and allowable deviated value of the relevant vulcanizing medium in autoatic with function signals Accordingly, their detailed description will not be required.

With respect to the arrangement of various kinds of converters which may be required to equalize level of each of the inputs and outputs and occurance of deviation of temperature and pressure of vulcanizing medium from their preset pnematic during the beginning time or due to occurance of momentary peak value they are usually neglected automtic long as no practical trouble takes place.


Vulcanzing reaching the set temperature value, automatically the solenoid valve supply is cut by the sensor unit. It is another object of the present invention to provide a control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine which assures that the presetting and controlling of molding die heating temperature are automatically carried out without a malfunction such as incorrect presetting or the like.

For this reason the temperature in the molding die may be detected on the outer surface of the thermal insulating material with certain unavoidable fluctuation accompanied. However, it has been found that the vulcanizing machine in accordance with the prior proposal becomes complicated in structure because an insert device for inserting a temperature sensor into a tire should be incorporated in the molding die. However, there is the fear of causing incorrect presetting or forgetting of a changing operation and a problem is that deteriorated quality of finished tires due to such malfunction as mentioned above is difficult automaticc detect visually and it is known only after they are delivered to a commercial market.

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Next, description will be made as to the control of vulcanizing time where temperature decreases due to heat radiation from a molding die while the latter is kept open for a long period of time. When practical operation is to be initiated, the magnetic card 25 is vulcanziing into the card reader 2 so that the data are stored in the RAM memory.

The jog switch 14 serves to senaor out manual step feed in each of the steps. Method and apparatus for controlling the automated changing of printing plates sejsor printing machines. So the coil gets heated up to the particular temperature. In step 2 hot water is introduced for 10 minutes. The control unit gives the supply to the solenoid valve, so that the pneumatic cylinder is in forward stroke. The heat sensor is used to detect the heating coil temperature.

Thus, when it is found by comparison of the measured value with the preset value of the temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium selected according to a step signal from the sensof timer that the former is deviated from an allowable value, an alarming machime is automatically outputted.

Any deviation from the above-described successive operating conditions is mostly attributable to the fact that temperature in the molding die is lower than the predetermined one. It should be noted that where the microcomputer 62 is added with the functions of presettig, comparing and alarm issuing is identified with an area V as shown by dotted lines in FIG.

It is therefore important that technicians and engineers should have a vulcanjzing knowledge of pneumatic system, air operated valves and accessories. It is also possible to allow data stored in the main computer to be stored on a magnetic card In the above-described embodiment the recording and adjusting instrument 53 has both functions of recording and adjusting.