Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, , Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico: con 21 figurazioni. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Edition, 2. Publisher, Galeati, Length, 87 pages. Export Citation. Pier Luigi Ighina ( in Milan – in Imola), was an Italian researcher. His unorthodox Bibliography[edit]. Pier Luigi Ighina, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico, Imola, Galeati, (ISBN X). Giusy Zitoli, Io l’ho conosciuto.

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La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico – Pier Luigi Ighina – Google Books

He is convinced that without the magnetic field no reaction at all could take place, and thus no life could exist. Abbastanza caldi, ma poco pratici, i plaid da pic-nic usati come mantelli. In another experiment he tried to heal an injured rabbit.

Ma Pier Luigi Ighina, un uomo buono come il pane e semplice come un fanciullo, per quanto infaticabi1e resta pur sempre un uomo. Was that the way to achieve what already had been discovered by Ettore Majorana in before his mysterious disappearance. He has experimentally proved that the formation of electricity in the clouds is due to the planetary magnetic field: This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. These vibrations discharge on the ground and penetrate into the depths for a few dozen meters creating many microscopic holes.

He was thus able to control the energy of the matter. With the microscope he thus studied a natural environment in putrefaction, and saw that there were little micro organisms that would absorb substances from the rotting compounds.

This ring is sustained by three legs disposed in a triangle fashion. When the scientists first started studying the atom, they soon realized that when it was excited by the light atom, it would just disappear in the light.

Pier Luigi Ighina

magnefico Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Then Ighina realizes that something wrong with the functioning of device. In the meantime the atom has diminished the motion of the magnetic atom, so the latter will find another atom with that new motion sensitivity and transmit motion to this one until it has reached its maximum motion, then detach and so on until magnetido magnetic atom has reached its minimum pulsation.


He is now 93 years old and goes on with his researches.

While studying the stars, he could see that every one magnetiico its own magnetic field. He could also demonstrate that it was responsible for all the variations of the atoms of all matter.

They say, in fact, that he is able to recall or remove thunderstorms. These atoms appeared to have a reproductive permanent motion which was much faster than maghetico others. While doing experiments with the magnetic vibrator, he saw a flying saucer pass over his laboratory and land on a hill. Through this research he discovered the links between methane, petrol and coal. Januaryage Pier Luigi Ighina, ricercatore originale e prolifico, per molti anni assistente segreto di Guglielmo Marconi.

In my opinion, the only real secret is what is contained in the minds of Ighina, he says he received from extraterrestrials and that he can not reveal because humanity today so evil, there would only instrument of war and destruction. But operators and planned may fail.

Then [ spenge ] all really definitively. These magnetic atoms created two poles that surrounded the whole. One day, while he was observing the glass, he inadvertently hit a magnet which fell on the ground passing close to the glass. These little drops of oil then go into the lymphatic system of the plant cleaning it from jagnetico substances.

There is no doubt that the magnetic field is essential to life on Earth, but the discovery of how it is possible the transformation of matter and the production of magnetic monopolies is rather difficult to believe. His thinking led him to the following calculation: It has a powerful resonance on sourraunding land, Km long While functioning, the upper disk would rotate and the funnels would do the same work as the paddles in a boat.


Quando sono andato a Roma a vederlo nella bara, ho notato che egli aveva sotto la pelle come degli gnocchetti neri.

Si sente dire che non manca molto al finale e che tutto procede bene. Ogni cosa in movimento sembra procedere a scatti e se camminiamo sembra che il terreno ci traballi sotto i piedi.

After this experiment another one followed ighhina which he created a strong electromagnetic field around a plant. Maghetico can thus excite the magnetic atoms of all matter, especially those of humans because they are more sensible. Probably, as reported by extraterrestrials, was not technically appropriate that the “flying saucer” [ appoggiasse ] definitively on the ground, but was only at [ librarsi ] of the “magnetic stroboscopio.

Sembra che gli bastasse soltanto la punta delle dita per scoprire il punto e la natura del guasto.

Pier Luigi Ighina – Wikipedia

Once he made the experiment of scaring atoom the swallows that lived around his house, creating then an electromagnetic field around it. He tried to stop their motion with his developed technique, but without success. He then tried to melt metals at a distance, and during these experiments he discovered that the faster an atom, the more it attracts another atom.

After his ultimate studies of the magnetic atom he was able to group them into two categories: With this idea he was able to create some sort of canals that would take the motion away from the observed atoms and make them be almost still.