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Area for electronic regulation of the heating system 92x mm Description: If need be, a thermoregulatory valve set to a higher temperature E.

Návod k obsluze

In this case, the customer bears the repair costs. If the boilers are out of operation during wintertime, a risk of water freezing in the system arises.

This thermostat must be pressed down in case that boiler overheating occurred. Atmoss and inspections The operator must always act in compliance with the usage and maintenance instruction manual. As you are pulling it out, individual segments of the grating start falling off.

The valve minimum gap is set by a setscrew to 3 — 8 mm; boiler service-life prolonging feature. The boiler must always be installed in a way which prevents overheating and subsequent damage even during a power cut.

However, we recommend using it only with boilers with output up to 50 kW inclusive. If the accumulation method cannot be used, then we recommend using at least one tank of – 1, litre volume for equalising the boiler start-ups and run-outs.


Safety irreversible thermostat 6.

The boilers have the primary and secondary air pre-heated to a high temperature. Opravu provedl, datum CZ www.

Waste gas thermostat 4. A claim to provide a guarantee period repair shall be made by the customer at the service company.

The energy content declines dramatically with increased water contents. They should only be operated by adults. After a certain time, the sealing cord gets pressed down and therefore it becomes necessary to screw the wheel further into the boiler. Wtmos, the ventilator S may sustain damage.

After ignition close the top door and open the lower door. It is also prohibited to increase the boiler nominal output during operation by any means known as overheating. Heating system maintenance – including boilers Inspect at least once every 2 weeks. The mixing valve can be regulated manually or by electronic regulation, which contributes to a more convenient and economical operation of the heating system. The control panel also comprises of a waste gas thermostat which is used to switch the ventilator off when the fuel has been combusted.


The guarantee atkos for other parts remains unaffected.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

Then remove the front cover and the grating lever. In cases of personal wells, the boiler can be additionally protected by using a back-up power supply battery with an exchanger for operation back up of at least one pump. Cover the glowing charcoals with a broad log and add coal or other fuel.

It is used for boilers over 32 kW. If such exceeding occurs, it is then necessary to depress the thermostat. When the heating season is over, clean the boiler thoroughly and replace damaged parts. Instruction manual – GB atoms The network connection is of the M type and when replacement is needed the service company must use the same type connection to replace it. Possible failures and troubleshooting Failure GB Cause – no voltage in network – plug incorrectly inserted to el.

A control panel for electromechanical regulation is situated in the upper part of the boiler.