This standard is issued under the fixed designation A /A M; the number 1 This practice is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee A01 on Steel. ASTM AAM_冶金/矿山/地质_工程科技_专业资料。ASTM A AM 碳钢、低合金钢和马氏体不锈钢铸件超声波检验操作. the original A /A M practice and requires calibration using a ASTM Standards: Procedure—When this procedure is to be applied to an inquiry.

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Block fabricated with a 2-in.

Increase the inspection sensitivity by a factor of three times 10 dB gain with the calibrated attenuator. Calibration shall be executed by either flat-bottomed hole or back-wall reflection. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of satm Department of Defense. The side-drilled hole used for the 1? The supplementary requirements shall apply only when speci? They require external attenuators. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other.

Whenever no discernible surface tracing is possible, each indication which equals or exceeds the 0. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.

BoxArlingate Ln. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard. The instrument to be used for examination shall ashm the ultrasonic, pulsed, reflection type. Ultrasonic acceptance or rejection criteria for individual castings should be based on a realistic appraisal of service requirements and the quality that can normally be obtained astmm production of the particular type of casting.


If they are not, the cluster having the largest single indication shall be removed. A method should be available to equalize signal response at different depths. Individual reprints single or multiple copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm.

If the reason for loss of back re? Ultrasonic examination and radiography are asmt directly comparable. NOTE 2—For block sizes over 3 in. Originally approved in The area of the location, for the purpose of this evaluation, shall be considered the area that is con?

Still other instruments do not have calibrated gains or attenuators. When section thicknesses over 15 in. Draw a rectangle or other regular shape through the indication in order to form a polygon from ashm the area may be easily computed.

Other couplants may be used when agreed upon between the purchaser and supplier.

A question on ASTM A

a690 Historical Version astk – view previous versions of standard. ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents of this abstract are accurate, complete or up to date. If a procedure is not speci? Additional supplemental blocks for testing thickness greater than 10 in. Machined surfaces shall be acceptance inspected as soon as possible after machining.

The stenciled grid number shall appear in the upper right hand corner of the grid.

The Largest Open Access Portal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

Combining values from the two systems atsm result in non-conformance with the standard. If gain is added and back echo is achieved without indication percent amplitude exceeding the 0. If the cumulative areas traced are con?


Therefore, it is impractical to specify an ultrasonic quality level that would be universally applicable to such a diversity of products. For a material thickness greater than 3 in. NOTE 3—Hole shall be plugged following checking for ultrasonic response. Place the search unit on the casting at the transfer point and adjust the instrument gain until the back re? Other instruments have decibel calibrated attenuators, in which case the required decibel a60 be removed.

Adjust the gain of the instrument until the back re? Draw a curve through these marks on the screen or on suitable graph paper. Transducers shall be utilized at their rated frequencies. Surfaces that do not meet the requirements of All other types of rejectable indications shall be completely removed. Additional Transducer Evaluation Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

Where the distance between indications is less than the lowest dimension of the largest indication in the group, the cluster shall be repair welded. In order to avoid time loss in aastm, acceptance inspection of cast surfaces may be done prior to machining.

Repair welds may be inspected before the postweld heat treatment.