Described by several army officers as one of the most disciplined commanders the force had ever had, General Aronda Nyakairima died on. It is almost a year since Gen Nyakairima died on September 12, in Dubai, aboard Emirates airlines. Aronda, then serving as Internal. Born in July in Buyanja, Rukungiri District, Aronda Nyakairima attended Nyakaina Primary School in Rukungiri and later Rubirizi.

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According to Pamela Ankunda, who then was the spokesperson of the ministry, the general had flown out on official duties in good health. The commander-in-chief also criticised the army leaders for failing to use collective solutions to solve collective problems as he had advised.

Instead, the few compliments dished out went to Katumba Wamala, and younger officers, to whom he would hand the reigns of the army leadership a few hours later.


The army commander was responding to remarks by Mao that: Nuwagaba also heaped praise on Aronda for steering the professionalization of the UPDF, which has created a peaceful environment for economic growth to blossom. The president was, however, persuaded by the two officers who argued that the deployment would, in addition, yield some money for the soldiers involved. From a humble beginning, he was able to become a General and Minister. It is criminal to fail to serve faithfully arronda reliable infantry with what they are entitled to, for example food, clothes, and mosquito nets.

He later attended a course in strategic studies at Fort Leavenworth in the United States. University Guide Schools guide Supplement. Russia to supply aviation equipment to Uganda.

If we fail to build on this rock, we shall ntakairima let down Gen. After the NRA captured power, he worked as an intelligence officer in the Ugandan military. Chief of Defence Forces of Uganda — But Opondo later told NTV that Aronda “collapsed in a transit lounge and we suspect he did not get immediate medical attention”.


The US ambassador to Uganda Scott De Lisi mourned Aronda saying he was a dedicated serviceman, whom he shared many meals and cups of coffee with. He also has further military qualifications from the Egyptian Military Academy in Cairo. The president further suggested the establishment of health facilities to provide free services to soldiers, as well as income-generating projects such as poultry farming, tailoring and baking to boost their incomes.

Ankunda in a phone interview said that the army had resolved to send a team of pathologists to carry out an independent post mortem on the body.

He also taught us that success without a successor is not good enough. Rukungiri DistrictBritish Protectorate of Uganda. Condolence messages have slowly been streaming in from different dignitaries over the death of the former army chief. Museveni also suggested a salary loan whereby soldiering parents access loans to be repaid using deductions from their salaries.

Aronda was never denied to retire from the army.

Aronda Nyakairima

Nasty C lives up to the event pre hype. Inspection would have discovered all that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This institution is not a private property for anybody.

I, for instance, got a report from the 47 battalion just before the operation [against LRA] in Garamba DR Congo that they were eating only one nyakairmia a day. Museveni also questioned the planning, as well as some of the tactics and strategies used by commanders in Somalia. This page was last edited on 31 Augustat Who has the nyalairima pair in Uganda?

He graduated in and joined the National Resistance Army guerrilla force in shortly after leaving Makerere University.

He gave us an able leader in Gen. Augustus Nuwagaba, who was the guest speaker at the memorial lecture, said Aronda nyakaifima one of the most humble people he has ever met.

Aronda Nyakairima – Wikipedia

The statement describes Aronda as a dedicated servant of the people of Uganda and that it was with great sadness that the news of his death was received. Aronda, Amama Mbabazi former Prime Minister has never been a serving army officer. He was then transferred to the Presidential Protection Unit as an intelligence officer from where he served as the commanding officer of the Armored Brigade. Wamala said when Aronda, who became the first Chief of Defence forces inhanded him the baton, he told him that: Most Read Most Commented The drama, the misery and the success of 31 Dec Tunisia coastguard rescues 45 migrants 31 Dec Sudan’s Bashir tells police to rein in force against protesters 31 Dec White House chief: Clean as a whistle, Gen.


He adds that nyqkairima having different perspectives, Aronda remained a leader with shared values. As we head to the elections senior ntakairima officers will continue to be denied the option to retire. He is also credited by some in the UPDF for neutralising cliques and nitpicking within the army that nyakkairima been associated with the leadership of his predecessor, Maj Gen James Kazini.

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The commander-in-chief, our sources told us, spoke of his anger when he discovered these anomalies. It did not, therefore, come as a surprise to army officers who attended, including our sources for this information, when the commander-in-chief announced a major army reshuffles the next day.

Stop pushing my Tanga rift under the carpet, Lumumba tells Museveni. Local Africa World Education.

More From The Author. Aronda was born in Rukungiri District on July 7 Katumba Wamala has revealed that the former minister of Internal Affairs never wanted to retire. Lack of inspection then nurtures corruption. Nyakairima was born in Rukungiri District.