CS Installation Instructions This manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and. CS Installation InstructionsThis manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and inst. You can examine Aritech CS Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Aritech CS Besides, it’s possible to examine.

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Aritech CS350 Manuals & User Guides

Setting to ‘0’ disables the code. Confirm to reprogram current text. Bell fuse blows when bells are sounding. Shock sensor alarm triggers ‘perimeter’ output instead of ‘alarm’ output. The exterior bell and Perimeter bell output types will reset after this time alarm expired.

The display shows the keypads connected, eg. Alarm Switches with intrusion and tamper alarm Tamper only when armed. During the entry procedure the entry timeris started which allows disarming.


Aritech CS Manuals

Exterior Bell Follows the exterior bell alarm time. Disconnect the alarm zone wires from the terminal block and replace with display when attempta 4K7 resistor. It provides the basic programming and installation information required by technicians and engineers. This can reduce false alarms considerably.

Aritech CS350 Installation Instructions

If after the exit time manjal zone is still open, the panel will not arm and act as programmed in function 6. Silent or audible Personal Attack alarm is determined in function 6.

Leave this 01 In 0x. Keypad Lock opening this input will disable access to the keypad. Alarm zone does not activate system. See the Programming Map and Programming Functions for operational details.

Aritech CS Installation Instructions

The panel always powers up in Armed condition. Check that the battery is connected correctly.

Principles mwnual Dual Operation All devices closed If not correct, verify the wiring to the keypad and dipswitch ID settings. If set to OFF then this output resets when the system is disarmed. Only after the additional entry time expired, which is half the time programmed in 2. Mains and the battery. Now accept [] to leave the Engineer Programming Mode.


When only a code is allowed to reset, programme for [Reset Code Only]. Zone is inhibited during partguard protection. System does not activate when Tamper opens during day ie when system is disarmed. The following three keystroke sequences are possible: Return to previous menu section.

The following diagram shows how 4 RKPs may be connected using both methods. Option Operation No forced arming Forced arming is not possible.

Arm system and remove wires from the terminal block. Ensure that the battery is fully charged and is large enough to carry the load of the system.