Ángel de medianoche. Front Cover. Lisa Kleypas. Zeta Bolsillo, – Love stories – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ángel de medianoche. Ángel de medianoche by Lisa Kleypas at – ISBN – ISBN – B de Bolsillo (Ediciones B) – – Softcover. Ángel de medianoche. Lisa Kleypas. Published by Ediciones B (). ISBN ISBN Used Hardcover Quantity Available: 1.

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Apart from Lord Stokehurst being medianochr bit of a control freak, I liked this very much. Trivia About Midnight Angel S It was extremely ungallant of him, honestly. Her personality seemed pretty contradictory at times. Like, no biggie, but it seemed out of character. Cam sees Amelia for the woman she truly is; fearful of marriage after being jilted by a former lover, protective of her brood, and straining at the pressure put upon her. The entire town is gossiping about the “governess” who managed to land one of the most handsome and eligible members of the peerage.

Readers who medianocne an exotic hero. Ok i get it, it’s the theme and yes Mediankche has been done overmuch. None of this worked for me. Also, at the beginning much is made of the fact that Luke expects Tasia to be afraid of or disgusted by the hook “like most people are,” medinoche for the rest of the book, mediianoche a single person has a negative reaction to it.

Got distracted by real life boys so this one took a while to read. And then, medainoche, she goes balls-out and demands Luke’s support and respect. After being burnt by her ex love her brother’s ex bf Christopher Frost She had no desire to get married and just wanted to take care of her sisters and brother.


He wanted Amelia as his wife and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Kleypas strikes a delicate balance with all se them, making them appear simultaneously vulnerable and strong, dark and light, protective and needing protection themselves. I rather liked the heroine, I liked the way her relationship with Lucas evolved, their love for each other and how she managed to handle Emma.

But the next book is staring up at me, whispering things. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Maybe it had something to do with his proclaimed loyalty to his dead wife — promising his mistress that he’d never want to marry anyone yet hopping into bed with Tasia’s 18 year old body ten pages later.

With no way out then death, Tasia takes a potion to fake her death and travels to England to try and start her life over on the run. He comes with the Hathaways. Loved his dead wife and has sworn to never love again. Luke very ungraciously agrees but he’s incredibly pissed about the situation for virtually no reason medianlche all.

Tuya a medianoche

Tasia really hadn’t done much to incite such a reaction, in my opinion, but perhaps I’m just being nitpicky. It has the right structure but it sounds false, alien to the Russian ear. Or maybe this sums it up well: Though their journey to be together was not necessarily easy by medianochd means, their love was easy. Luke and Tasia fight their past pains as they struggle to find the happiness they know they can only find in each other.

She has the ablility to build a relationship that makes you route for the characters like you know them personally.

Other books in the series. The tension and pacing of the narrative keep the reader at the edge of her seat to the end.


Tasia, on the other hand, went from being a quiet martyr to a bluestocking within the space of about a week. In fact, I think Luke was portrayed as so handsome and confident that I frequently found myself forgetting that he even had this physical flaw. Haha Midnight Angel is a bit of a cross between the Anastasia story and Jane Eyre with a little extra.

He was selfish and mean and i wanted to slap him in many points The book wasn’t very cliched which was a breath of fresh air. XD oh ada juga konfliknya, gara-gara sang Marquess menyuruh Tasia untuk mencoba ramalan, dan semua orang nyaris mengetahui masa lalu Tasia. Open Preview See a Problem? Angwl I find out she’s really 18 and her closeness in age to Emma Luke’s daughter is brought up. I felt was totally unnecessary and kinda on the yick factor of gross. medianoceh

Tuya a medianoche (Los Hathaway, #1) by Lisa Kleypas (4 star ratings)

This is a re-read actually, a listen to a book I read years ago. Meidanoche that’s not a big deal, but in medianocne case, Kleypas chose to use the time to show our hero physically and sexually brutalizing his pregnant wife for no reason at all not that any reason could justify the behaviorwhich just ruined the whole HEA.

That story will be very interesting!!! I had never read anything by Lisa Kleypas before, but I was assured that I was in for a treat.