Al-Jahiz lived, during one of the most exciting times of intellectual history – the period of the transmission of Greek science to the Arabs and the. A Wondrous Journey of Discovery with 9th-century Explorer Al-Jahiz. ‘ Inventions and the Book of Animals’ is an educational initiative. al-Jahiz’s Book of Animals: The transcendent value of disgust | Inventions.

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This does not mean that he was never serious, but that in all his major works, seriousness and humor are inextricably mixed; it is sometimes difficult to know when he is joking and when he is not. Amsterdam, 1 to 7 Septemberpg. A unique animmals of his oeuvre, apart from his celebrated prose – is that he tailored his writing in such a manner that the general community could understand; interspersing his writing, with anecdotes, humour and witticisms.

Al-Jahiz died in A collection of stories about the greedy.

But the Book of Animals is not the only great work written by al-Jahiz. Loving a good story, however, al-Jahiz could never resist passing on the most preposterous booi of sailors and Bedouin.

I would have you know that a pebble proves the existence of God just as much as a mountain, and the human body is evidence as strong as the universe that contains our world: Using pigeons as an analogy, for example, he observes that there seem to be many natural forms of sexuality, including homosexuality in males and females, as well as varying preferences regarding domination. Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions. They are all written in a language very accessible for the common person.


He had a great love of books, and his Book of Animals begins with a long passage in their praise.

1001 Inventions and the Book of Animals

He used to gather with a group of other youths at Basra’s main mosque, where they would discuss different scientific subjects. He knows that some insects are responsive to light — and uses this information to suggest a clever way of ridding a room of mosquitoes and flies. Al-Jahiz never lost sight of his readers, and developed a very personal and characteristic style, which blended anecdote, serious subjects and jokes, in jayiz effort to hold their interest.

These books jahlz only covered a specific subject as scientific textbooks, but also acted as enlightening guides just like most other early Muslim scientific books.

From The Essays, c. Ov even gets into animal communication, psychology and the degree of intelligence of insect and animal species. He read Greek literature in translationespecially Aristotle and learnt Farsi. The al-Hayawan is an encyclopedia of seven volume of anecdotespoetic descriptions and proverbs describing over varieties of animals.

Jeffrey Yang on Kitab al-Hayawan (“The Book of Animals”) by Al-Jahiz | Quarterly Conversation

This manuscript, which dates from the 14th century, was discovered in the Ambrosiana Library in Milan in by the Swedish scholar Oscar Lofgren. Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Ms.

The rat goes out for its food, and is clever in getting it, for it eats all animals inferior to it in strength”, and in turn, it “has to avoid snakes and birds and serpents of prey, who look for it in order to devour it” and are stronger than the rat. They are always cheerful, smiling, and devoid of malice, which is a sign of noble character. Watch this obok for upcoming events: By classifying al-Jahiz that way, one misrepresents the history la Islam by removing his entertaining work from that history.


Books became readily available, and this made learning easily available. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Short feature film from producer Ahmed Salim that explores the animal kingdom through the eyes of Al-Jahiz. Check out these three top websites for animls ideas.

The Father of the Theory of Evolution: Al-Jahiz and His Book of Animals

Both in his subject jahis and vocabulary, he presumes a familiarity — albeit superficial — with Aristotle and the technical terminology of scholastic theology. Supplements to the Journal of Arabic Literature. It is a social, literary and historical encyclopedia. It was clear to him that there is always one species stronger than the other, and that in order to survive, species had to develop new characteristics. Paper had been introduced to the Muslim world around AD and al-Jahiz or to this new technological opportunity by writing large compilations as a way to preserve, defend, and theorise some of those rhetorical debate practices.